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  • What is the dress code?
    Summer smart. Guys think lounge suits or trousers and blazers. Girls think dresses, skirts or jumpsuits, but recommend wedges or flat sandals as the whole venue is grass. There's a pool, so bring your swimming things if you'd like to go in!
  • Are kids welcome?
    As much as we love your little ones, we won't be including them in the wedding. However, we recognize that some people will be traveling from abroad with kids, so please know that if you're having any issues.
  • What will the venue be like?
    The venue is Tash's dad's and step mum's house. The garden is mostly grass across a couple of different levels.
  • Where should I park?
    We have arranged parking in the council car parking nearby. The cost is £4 per day. The parking can be found at Darent Car Park, 6 Hollingworth Way, Westerham, TN16 1BS. We have notified the council, so it is ok to leave your car there overnight.
  • Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
    The wedding will be outdoors in a marquee. We hope the weather will be ok, but it is England! So, please bring a warm jumper just in case :). If it looks like it's going to be warm you are welcome to bring swim things for the pool on the day or the Sunday if you're staying.
  • What shoes should I / shouldn't I wear?
    Calling all ladies! Do not wear stiletto heels. I repeat, do not wear stiletto heels. There will be some walking across grass so best to wear chunky heels or sandals. Can't have any of you ruining nice shoes or twisting any ankles!
  • Is there anything I need to be aware of?
    There is a pool and a small stream, so please be careful at night.
  • Do you have a wedding registry?
    This a work in progress! Stay tunes for updates shortly.
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